SKlone is a free space strategy game where you make friends and enemies in a battle for universal domination. LOGIN TO SERVER 1
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About StarKingdoms:

Star Kingdoms is a free online, space featured, massively multiplayer, community based strategy game. Your goal is to build up an army and become the most dominant kingdom in the universe.

Build a kingdom, in an online universe. Build an army, attack friends, make allies, or even enemies. Because the game is played in a community of other people, anything is possible.


About SKlone:

This is a clone of Starkingdoms which is a bot infested wasteland of a once great game that has been running since the year 2000. Unfortunately it's pretty much unplayable due to rampant cheating. The administrator stopped caring and then players created scripted accounts to manage tasks and kill others. As the gameplay is what made it fun we are replicating that experience here. This is a work in progress and we are currently in Beta. The project is nearing an Alpha state with many of the bugs addressed and core features in place. As the game grows we will expand the universe.

If you are new there are veteran players that can assist you in getting up to speed. It is a math game at its core then players are provided tools for war and conflict. Over the years many different strategies have resulted in universal domination for both kingdoms and alliances.

SKlone is a simple game but may be confusing in the beginning until you learn how to navigate the menus. We encourage you to read the help file. The GUI is old school, on purpose, as some people have played for decades. Long ago StarKingdoms had thousands of players on 14 inch monitors using 56k modems and staying up late for one last turn in hopes of gaining an advantage, that is where this game has its roots. These days it has become a community project with gameplay decisions dictated by mob rule. So if you don't like something or desire a change let us know.

The admin will rarely interfere in conflicts between players. Hostility and toxicity are a vital part of the formula. Players are accustomed to no administrator at all in the past which has led to many feuds. To keep that tradition alive the admin mainly patrol for cheaters. If you desire to cheat please go to StarKingdoms where you will certainly find competition as we created this to get away from it. Emotions occasionally run high and kingdoms will kill each other while dragging others into the conflict. We've never had to ban anyone and we desire to keep it that way.

People have occasionally stated that they will leave if someone else is not removed. If you have a problem with others you are left to your own device to figure out how to enlist others into assisting you in destroying that kingdom. In the event that you are truly angry, please take a step back and laugh. That feeling and desire to crush them is what we are working to recreate. Some people will want to crunch numbers, nurture friendships, and expand their kingdom. Others will desire to deceive, destroy, and manipulate others. We will never change that formula or ban anyone because you dislike them. By default the universe is anarchy. If you want rules and mutual agreements then you will have to band with others to enforce them.

Example: Someone three times your size is hitting your friend three times a day. Should that be acceptable? Probably not, but what can you do about it?


Developers: (in the order they joined the project)