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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 71
Round Start: 01 Aug 2021, 08:59
Round End:   17 Aug 2021, 09:00


  • This is a PRO server, no place for cry babies. Limited food supply and 3000 starting land mark will demand all the best from you!
  • Death match mode - kingdoms below 1000 land dies at a tick
  • 60 minutes per tick
  • 2 weeks long round
  • Late starters get well prebuilt kingdom and 12 ticks newbie mode.

Round4 - Round of War Shields

  • We are proud to re-introduce War Shields in the Attack room
  • We bring back vanilla SK military loses in attacks:
    • Base offender military loses are 8%
    • Failed attacks will gradually increase offensive loses (up to 16%).
    • War Shields reduce offender's loses by 4% (4%-12%) or as much as there is power for shields.
    • War Shields cost 5 power per mechanical unit and 15 power per heavy units (Tanks and Tactical Fighters).
    • Defender loses will be 10% and gradually go down to 5% based on how much bigger the attacker is.

Planets & Races

  • Terran race soldier new cost is 100 gold
  • Jagged loses its power production bonus and discount on scientists
  • Mystical lands gets -25% units loss on attacks, and no offensive disbonus (old)
  • Multiple Terrain is +20% defense, all units researched, -10% population and -10% probes production (old)
  • Qanut race gets a small boost to -20% building cost (old)

Other things to know (same as in previous round)

  • Round starts 3 hours earlier than used to be - at 09:01 AM server time
  • 72 ticks self-ticking newbie mode
  • Exploration is 50% more expensive
  • Every kingdom will be able to change sector 3 times after round started
  • Sector leaders will have to set a password. Other kingdom can join such sector and if sector cap is not reached and if they haven't had any battle in the last 12 hours
  • Up to 8 stackable slots per sector, it also applies to late game sector switching
  • War leaders return time base is 12 ticks
  • Only one sector of tier-3 food, which resets sooner and comes back in 12 ticks. Food will appear at the very first tick
  • Peace state bonus is +20% defense

Please read the help file for additional info.