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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 64
Round Start: 14 Sep 2021, 09:00
Round End:   05 Oct 2021, 09:00


Welcome to the round of Kingdom States!

- Individual Kingdom States (mob, growth, offensive, defensive) introduced
-- you can change your kingdom state every 24 ticks, 
this limitation is not applicable to the very first tick and the next change
after initial state was set.

- Mobilisation state
-- 12 ticks military and soldiers training time
-- Has only 3 wls

- Growth state
-- <1000 land -75% exploration discount
-- <2500 land -50% exploration discount
-- >2500 land -25% exploration discount
-- Increased defensive military loses by 10%

- Offensive state
-- Attack gains +20% (land, money, population, power)

- Defensive state
-- Defensive military loses cut down by 50%
-- All shields always on for free (if power balance is positive) [fixed]
-- Has only two 2 wls

- Back to 300 land initial start, 96 ticks newbie mode

- Automation added to self-ticked newbie mode:
-- auto scientists assignment (same as in S1)
-- auto explore in growth state (only 23/24 land and has suffient money)

- Warp drive remains at 50% original (SK) cost
- Exploration cost back to original price (no discount to 5000 land,
and no price increase)

- Food
-- Only tier-3 food (1 food kd per 3 active kds at game start)
-- Food minimum reset land value is 250
-- For the first 120 ticks food kingdoms will reset with DPL reduction,
which gradually would decrease from -60% to 0%,
We can expect 250 land and approx 200 tanks worth defense food kingdoms
right out of newbie mode (defense without DPL reduction would be 500 tanks).
-- Food kingdoms appear on the first tick, and defense is calculated based
on actual universe defense.
-- Food's initial power reserve set to 10K, military research maxed out [2 fixes]

- Missiles can be used only at war
-- sector which declares peace, loses missiles option
-- all missiles production time set to 24 hours [will be changed]

- Planet types changes
-- Nerf Desert Wastland from -40% to -30% offensive units discount
-- Nerf Vocanic Inferno from -90% to -80% power required
-- Increase Mystical Lands offensive loses reduction to -40%

- Research changes
-- TFs research reduced to 300K points required
-- HGL research reduced to 100K points required

Please read the help file for additional info.