SKlone is a free space strategy game where you make friends and enemies in a battle for universal domination. 
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- SKlone Guide -


You are a kingdom in a sector of 19 other kingdoms. The sector is located in a galaxy. Each galaxy contains 40 other sectors. If properly organized each sector will have a Leader that names the sector and controls the diplomatics of your sector. Your kingdom is basicly a planet in a 10X10 sector map.

Attack time and other factors depends on where the other kingdoms are on the sector map. Every kingdom in your sector is your ally and you will fight with them against other kingdoms or sectors to expand your size.

Your Kingdom:
Your kingdom is made up of Money, Power (energy, food), Civilians (Population), Land, Military Units, Scientists, and Probes. When added all together in a formula you will find your Networth. The Networth (NW) is basically your kingdom size/strength. If at any point your kingdom runs out of power your shields will be disabled and your military defense and offense will be 20% weaker, you birth rate will be reduced by 90%, and your population limit will be reduced by 20%.


For those who want to gain land but don't have the military power or time to search for targets, you can use the explore function. In this room you can command your people to explore for new land to build buildings on. However, the people also have other jobs and generally don't have time to explore, so you are limited to exploring only 1/10 of your total land (10%) per day. Exploring is also costly. But if you have the money it is a nice feature.

Just enter in the desired amount of land and hit Explore. If you need to know when your exploring will be done, or how much land you are exploring per hour go to the Status Room and select Construction Status.


Buildings Description
Residence Residence is where all your population lives. If there is not enough room in your Barracks for your military, your military will 'kick out' population from their residential homes in order to seek shelter. Population will also give you income through taxes.

Holds 50 civilians or military. 2 platinum per population.
Barracks This special tightly packed military facility can support any military unit including tanks. Military will move here first, but if there is no room they move to normal Residence.

Holds 75 military units
Air Support Bay This base was specially designed to support Tactical Fighter's Vesudian Cores. Without this Air Support Bay, Tactical Fighters are rendered useless.

Holds 40 Tactical Fighters
Nuclear Power Plant This industrial building can produce 100 units of power. Up to 500 units of power can be stored in this plant. Any excess power is lost.

Produces 100 power
Stores up to 500 power
Fusion Power Plant A new method of harvesting power, the Fusion Power Plant is capable of producing 140 power per hour, and storing up to 1000 units of power.

Produces 140 power
Stores up to 1000 power
Star Mine Another industrial building. This building provides you with resources (Money), there is no limit to the number of Star Mines you can have.

Produces 130 money
Training Camp A special building that prepares your army for military service. By default you allways have Training Camps, but if you wish to build extra you can greatly decrease the cost of training military.

Reduces cost of training. (%ofLAND * 3) Max 30%. So, if you had 250 land and 25 Training Camps your military would be 30% cheaper. (25/250=10%*3=30%)
Probe Factory Another industrial building. Factories manufacture Probes. The more factories you have the more probes you will produce every day. No limit.

(50%-100%) * #ofFACTORIES = probes manufactured per hour.


[Planet Types] 

Planet Type Pros Cons Research Specials
Ice Lands +30% income -10% population capacity and growth none
Grass Lands +60% population +15% return time dragoons
Astro-Station -70% research required -10% income fusion tech, energy core
Acidic Aura -25% return time -10% offensive strength fusion tech, scouters
Fire Blaze -80% power required none laser dragoons
Jagged Lava -30% unit cost +20% research required none
Misty Phantom +30% defensive strength +15% power required none
Shadow Lands +50% probe production -10% power production none
Gaseous Waste +30% offensive strength -25% probe production dragoons, laser dragoons, vesudian core ai
Dense Jungle +20% offense, defense, & power production -20% research, probes, population none



Race Type Pros Cons Special Unit
Terran +20% population capacity and growth +10% return time Sabres
Xivornai +20% star mines -10% probe production Interceptors
Gistrami +10% offensive strength -10% power production Sabres
Mafielven +10% defensive strength +10% research required High Guard Lancers


Research Description
Population Bonus By increasing the capacity of the Residence building, a kingdom can increase the population above normal.

Maximum 20%
Increases Population
Power Bonus "More efficient fuel can be discovered to increase the power output of any given powerplant.

Maximum 50%
Increases Power"
Military Strength By discovering new weapons and armour one can make there army more effective. This research will improve both your offensive and defensive military strength.

Maximum 30%
Increases Military Strength
Money Improved government projects can increase revenue. By reducing unemployment and government spending strategies more tax money can go towards construction and military.

Maximum 25%
Increases Income
Frequency Decryption Probes often always use the same low end frequencies to transmit data, regardless of who is using them, as the low end frequencies are the only ones capable of transmitting data at such a long distance. Although we frequently pick up signals over the radio, we are rarely able to decrypt it. Thus is why we have placed scientists on the job to monitor the waves 24/7. When successfully decrypting a transmission we can calculate how many probes were sent, what the probes were assigned to do, and who sent them.

Maximum 25%
Gives a chance at knowing who successfully probed you.
Dragoons Research laser scopes, electronic implants, and offensive programming for military units.

Develop Dragoon
Requires 60,000 points.
Laser Dragoons Research new armor upgrades and defensive programs.

Develop Laser Dragoon
Requires 72,000 points.
Vesudian Core and AI Technology Research the ability to harness the power of the Vesudian Core, and the AI technology to control it. Allows the production of Air Support Bay's and Tactical Fighters.

Develop Vesudian Core and AI Technology.
Requires 500,000 points and the research of Fighters.
Fusion Technology Learn how to harness the power of Fusion in order to build more powerful missiles, and produce power more efficiently. Allows the production of the Fusion Missile and the Fusion Power Plant.

Develop Fusion Technology
Requires 30,000 points.
S.C.O.U.T.E.R. By sending super high speed probes out before the attacking army, you can predict how long it will take for your army to attack and return.

Develop S.C.O.U.T.E.R. Technology.
Requires 15,000 points.
Energy Core Research the use of an advanced Energy based Core in machinery's engines and power plants. Increases power production of nuclear and fusion power plants by 20%, allows you to produce the Energy Missiles, and decreases attack time by 10%.

* Unlocks shields.

Develop Energy Core.
Requires 20,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Probe Armor Research the use of a armor plating that can be polarized to resist energy weapons. Decreases probe losses by 50%.

Develop Probe Armor.
Requires 92,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Longevity Research the health and genetics of your civilians to increase life expectancy and quality of life. Increases birth rate 4X and Residences house 55 civilians instead of 50.

Develop Longevity Technology.
Requires 100,000 points and the research of Vesudian Core and AI Technology to be completed.


Unit Type Offensive Strength Defensive Strength Networth Cost
Soldiers 1 1 3 150
Troopers 4 0 6 350
Dragoons 5 0 7 450
Laser Troopers 0 4 7 400
Laser Dragoons 0 5 8 550
Tanks 9 9 22 1750
Tactical Fighters 12 0 18 1800
Scientists 0 0 8 1000
Special Ops 4 3 9 600
Interceptors 3 5 9 650
Sabres 5 1 8 520
High Guard Lancers 5 5 12 850

[View Sector]

This area is useful for browsing the world of Star Kingdoms and searching for land targets or allies. Simply enter in the desired galaxy and sector number and hit Change.

This will show the sector name (which can only be changed by a Sector Leader), alliance the sector is a part of, sector logo, and a table with every kingdom, their Planet Type, how much Land they have, and their Networth in that sector.

Sector Logo's are supposed to comply with the Game Rules. If you find a Sector Logo that is inappropriate contact a Game Moderator regarding the logo.

The table has the following information about kingdoms:

Kingdom Name (Sector Coords): The kingdom's name along with their position X by Y position in the Sector. If their Sector Coords are closer to yours you will get quicker return times when attacking.

Planet Type: Planet types all have different advantages and disadvantages.

Land: Land is for buildings. A kingdom cannot grow without land.

Networth: A combination of the kingdom's land, money, military, population, and other values.

Tactical: Contains links to Probe, Attack, Missile, and Message the kingdom.

The table is colour coded to show the kingdoms status. The following is a list of the color codes and what they mean:

Yellow: This kingdom is the sector leader. This kingdom gets an additional 10% bonus to attacks and defense.

Dark Yellow: This kingdom is the vice sector leader. This kingdom is responsible for helping the Sector Leader with sector organization and can delete posts in the Sector Forums.

Blue: The kingdom is in newbie mode. You will be unable to attack it.

Green: This kingdom is in Vacation Mode. You will be unable to attack it.

Red: This kingdom has been disabled or suspended by the admins. You will be unable to attack it.

Orange: This is your kingdom.

Grey: This kingdom has been destroyed.

@: This user is currently online. But can be offline. Look below

Underneath the table is a total networth value which is the combined networth of all the kingdoms and what state the sector is in.



Manufacturing Probes:

Probes are manufactured by the building called Factory. Plain and simple, the more factories you have the more probes you will receive each hour. Probes are free but are also lost easily. They do not require power unless they have shields activated.

Attacking with Probes:

To attack with probes you need a target. Choose the target by browsing the sectors and galaxies. Once a target is found you can start probing their lands. The chance of a successfull probe mission depends on 4 factors:

1. How many probes you have in comparison to how much land you, or your enemy has (whoever has the most land will be what your probes are compared to).
2. How many probes the enemy has in comparison to how much land (s)he currently owns.
3. The amount of probes you send.
4. The amount of Probe Shields the enemy has.

Each kingdom gains the the ability to probe once per hour. If you do not use your probing that hour, it will be accumulated to the next hour, allowing you to probe twice on the next hour. You can only accumulate up to a maximum of 10 probe uses. If you have 10 probe uses, and do not use any that hour, the extra probe use you would have gained the next hour will be lost.

Activate extra energy shields:

You can use any excess power to better protect your probes. With extra protection probes are not lost as easily. Extra shields costs lots of power and if you don't have enough power, it will not be activated.

Each land your kingdom possesses provides 2 probe points worth of defense. If you have no probes it will provide 4.



Choosing a target:

When trying to find a target to attack it is best to go to My Sector and put in random galaxies and sectors. If your kingdom's leader has decided to wage war on only one sector you may want to consider giving help to the cause. Just remember when choosing a target, the more Land the target has, the more you will gain from an attack.

Targets that are attacked by everyone in your kingdom are weaker and easier to defeat, however, due to MA protection, may cause you to get less land than another target who has not been hit. You may want to consider the pro's and con's of attacking a kingdom that's already recently been hit a few times, as it can mean up to 50% less land taken on your attack.

Attack the target:

To attack a target that you have selected you will need to enter in the Galaxy number and Sector Number, then hit Change Sector. Then you use the Option List to select the target. Type in the amount of each military unit you wish to send out, whether or not to enable war shields, the amount of war leaders to send, and click 'Send Out Attack'. This will cause all of the chosen units to attack the desired target and if the attack is successfull you will gain land, money, captured civilians, and power. Sending additional war leaders will grant you a 3% offensive boost, if you were to send all 4 war leaders that would be a 9% gain to your offensive power.


If you want to destroy someones population or land without the risk of sending out your armies you can use missiles. Missiles can only be used in war but are an effective weapon if you use them correctly. You are limited to 1 missile strike for each missile type every 24 hours so make sure you do the maximum damage each interval.



A kingdom can use any extra power they are producing towards powering the defense energy shields. You have the option of powering Military Shields, Missile Shields, and/or Probe Shields.

Probe Shields:

Probes communicate with each other using an encrypted frequency transmission. By flooding space with random transmission blasts we can disorient the enemies probes and cause the failure rate to increase 20%.
Maximum Effectiveness: 20%

Military Shields:

By rebounding the enemies offensive battle carriers your kingdom's defenses can decrease the offense value of the enemies forces.
Maximum Effectiveness: 10%

Missile Shields:

These shields are specially designed to detonate missiles upon contact, before they make it to your kingdom. At full power, these shields can stop up to 100% of all missiles launched at it. Great if a whole sector is attacking you.
Maximum Effectiveness: 100% (except on Server 3: 50%)


[Send Aid]  

If a kingdom is in trouble status you can send them aid of money, power, soldiers, or population. You cannot send aid if the destination kingdom is not in trouble status. Trouble status can be defined as follows:

A meter that lowers every hour until it reaches zero.
When you get attacked or probed the meter raises.
Once the meter reaches a certain peak it freezes for 12 hours and that kingdom enters trouble status.
After the 12 hours, the meter resets to zero.



Once per day, you have the option of receiving free rewards, just as a gift from us to your kingdom for playing the game. The land reward will give you 10 free land, and the money reward will give you 3 hours worth of money income. You are able to use both, once per day. You can use this any time throughout the day, however it will not accumulate to the next day, so don't forget to use it.


[Sector Leader]  

In order for a Sector to work as a unified whole it needs a leader. Kingdoms in the sector decide who is the leader. When one runs for Sector Leader they usually run campaigns in the forums and send direct personal messages. The Sector Leader gets to moderate the sector forums, gains a +10% military effectiveness bonus for both offense and defense, has the ability to change the Sector Name, and can choose what alliance the sector joins.

Voting for a Sector Leader:

To vote for a Leader select the name of the kingdom you wish to be leader in the pull down menu, then click on change vote. This will add + one to whoever you're voting for. The kingdom with the most votes automatically becomes Sector Leader.



Once your sector has joined an alliance, you will be seeing this page a lot. This page tells you what alliance you are currently in (if any), and then allows you to view a list of all other sectors that are in the same alliance as you. Additional sectors can only be added to the alliance by obtaining the alliance password from the alliance leader.

The next option is to enter the alliance forums. The alliance forums are identical to the sector forums except for the fact that the entire alliance can view the forum. Only the alliance leader and vice alliance leader can delete posts.

Joining an Alliance

This option is only available to Sector Leaders, and will not even be displayed if you are not a sector leader. To join an alliance, you must have the password from the alliance leader. Once the password has been obtained, in the alliance box, type in the name of the alliance (remember this is case sensitive, so if the alliance name has capital letters spread out through it, make sure to put those in, or it will not find the alliance). Put the password in the box below (also case sensitive), and click Join Alliance. If all goes well, and the password was correct, you will have joined the alliance.

Alliances can only have a maximum of 40 sectors. If you are the 41st sector to try and join you will not be able to join.

Creating your own Alliance

You do not need to be a Sector Leader to create your own alliance. Your sector must be in the alliance in order to view the alliance forums. To create an alliance, type in the name of the Alliance you wish to make, and a password you wish to use for it and click on Create Alliance. This will create your alliance.

Modifying your Alliance

If you wish to change your alliance password, remove a sector from the alliance, or delete the alliance, you must enter the Alliance Control Center. To do so, simply type in your alliance name in the box and click on Access Alliance Control Center. This will only work from your account however. It recognizes you based on your login name, so it will not allow you to log in from your friends account. Once in this tool, you will have the option to remove sectors from your alliance, change the password, or delete the alliance all together.

Alliance Relations

If you are the leader of an alliance and your alliance has 5 or more sectors in it then you can set relations with another alliance. These relations may be of peacefull or aggresive intentions.

Relation Type Advantages/Disadvantages Rules Extra
War +20% attack gains
+10% military offense
Must be wat war You can only war one set alliance
Peace 25% military defense
-10% military offense
-30% attack gains
Must be at peace You can only peace one set alliance
NAP You can't attack, probe, or missile any kingdoms in the alliance you have a NAP with. Both sides must accept the NAP before it is active. You can have an unlimited amount of NAP treaties.
Ally -50% attack gains. Both sides must accept the Ally before it is active. You have an unlimited amount of allies.

[Sector Leader]  

In order for a Sector to work as a unified whole it needs a leader. Kingdoms in the sector decide who is the leader. When one runs for Sector Leader they usually run campaigns in the forums and send direct personal messages. The Sector Leader gets to moderate the sector forums, gains a +10% military effectiveness bonus for both offense and defense, has the ability to change the Sector Name, and can choose what alliance the sector joins.

Voting for a Sector Leader:

To vote for a Leader select the name of the kingdom you wish to be leader in the pull down menu, then click on change vote. This will add + one to whoever you're voting for. The kingdom with the most votes automatically becomes Sector Leader.