SKlone is a free space strategy game where you make friends and enemies in a battle for universal domination.
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What is SKlone?

  • A free spaced themed web RPG.
  • An old school text based game that you play from a web browser.
  • A clone of StarKingdoms which was long ago a great game with thousands of players around the world.
  • Here you compete for universal domination against others players in a real time environment.
  • The game is split into rounds
  • Choose between a variety of planet types and races and dominate the universe
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Gameplay Tweaks

  • The game ticks every 30 minutes.
  • Any killshot on a kingdom gives you their money, power, and probes.
  • Automated food kingdoms.
  • A built in attack calculator.
  • Completely free with no advertisements or gimmicks.
  • Download our phone app for android.

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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 78
SKlone Time:
Round Ends: June 24, 12:00 PM

Round Changes


  • Email activation is now required.
  • 24 hour status added to the game.
  • Email activation is now required.
  • Research and military improvements.
  • Scores list updates.
  • Probe history added to the game.
  • Round ends on June 24th at 12pm server time./li>

Planets & Race

Please read the help file for additional info.

Current Leaders

Lost Haven347,1022,368
Red Dawn334,5912,095
Maud Dib295,2012,050

Past winners


  • Rank 1 - Cosmo Memory NW: 23,663,794
  • Rank 2 - Omnislash NW: 21,535,013
  • Rank 3 - WuFlu NW: 20,944,134


  • Rank 1 - Coronacation 75,591
  • Rank 2 - Cosmo Memory 64,597
  • Rank 3 - Denis Cyplenkov 63,694