SKlone is a free space strategy game where you make friends and enemies in a battle for universal domination.
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What is SKlone?

  • A free spaced themed web RPG.
  • An old school text based game that you play from a web browser.
  • A clone of StarKingdoms which was long ago a great game with thousands of players around the world.
  • Here you compete for universal domination against others players in a real time environment.
  • The game is split into rounds
  • Choose between a variety of planet types and races and dominate the universe
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Gameplay Tweaks

  • The game ticks every 30 minutes.
  • Any killshot on a kingdom gives you their money, power, and probes.
  • Automated food kingdoms.
  • A built in attack calculator.
  • Completely free with no advertisements or gimmicks.

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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 69
Round Start: 01 Dec 2021, 09:00
Round Ends: 22 Dec 2021, 09:00

Round Changes


  • Our phone app is available for Android.
  • View the help file for planet and race changes
  • Planet Changes
    • Mountainous nerfed, removed exploration bonus.
    • Forest and Wilderness nerfed, lowered population.
    • Volcanic Inferno changed from -10 population to +10% building cost.
    • Oceanic nerfed, lowered defense.
    • Desert Wasteland nerfed, raised offensive unit cost.
    • Multiple Terrain nerfed, lowered offensive attack.
  • Race Changes
    • Xivorni nerfed, lowered income.
    • Qanut buffed, raised building cost reduction.

Please read the help file for additional info.

Current Leaders

Saving Private Darius2,947,37712,228
Kyle Rittenhouse2,826,17711,271
Dank the Missileman2,633,25410,842
Madeleine McCann2,489,51610,337
Simply Dank2,362,44211,882

Past winners


  • Rank 1 - Fair Trade (NW): 29,014,690
  • Rank 2 - Squid Game (NW): 25,869,399
  • Rank 3 - Last Round (NW): 25,381,087


  • Rank 1 - Fair Trade (Land): 96,420
  • Rank 2 - Halloween (Land): 85,451
  • Rank 3 - RufioUA (Land): 64,444