SKlone is a free space strategy game where you make friends and enemies in a battle for universal domination.

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Welcome to SKlone

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What is SKlone?

  • A free spaced themed web RPG.
  • An old school text based game that you play from a web browser.
  • A clone of StarKingdoms which was long ago a great game with thousands of players around the world.
  • Here you compete for universal domination against others players in a real time environment.
  • The game is split into rounds
  • Choose between a variety of planet types and races and dominate the universe
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Gameplay Tweaks

  • The game ticks every 30 minutes.
  • Any killshot on a kingdom gives you their money, power, and probes.
  • Automated food kingdoms.
  • A built in attack calculator.
  • Completely free with no advertisements or gimmicks.
  • Download our phone app for android.

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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 100
Round Ends: 30 Jan 2021, 12:15

Round Changes


  • Our phone app is available on the Google Playstore.
  • View the help file for planet and race changes
  • Round Changes
    • Terra from -40% to -30% research
    • Mount from -30% to -25% explore
    • Shadow PT removed
    • Shadow Race: +20% probe damage, -20% probe losses, soldiers cost 165
    • Vault from 50% to 37.5% money saved per tick
    • VI from 10x to 5x storage
    • Helium omitted this round
    • T7 food will have reduced initial defense TBD
  • Round Information
    • Signups begin: Jan 6th at 12:15pm pst.
    • Round start: Jan 9th at 12:15pm pst.
    • Round ends: Jan 30th at 12/;15pm pst.

Planets & Race

Please read the help file for additional info.

Current Leaders

Make Terra Great Again824,7784,324
Brightland resort802,0654,103
Massive Attack800,1203,947
Straight To Video788,4864,175
You were OPC774,6973,983
Keep Your Shirt On743,4693,426
The Witching Hour741,9135,263

Past winners


  • Rank 1 - Master Chief NW: 15,274,349
  • Rank 2 - Coerthas West Highlands NW: 14,628,542
  • Rank 3 - Snowman NW: 13,822,610


  • Rank 1 - Master Chief 48,432
  • Rank 2 - Bones 48,129
  • Rank 3 - A Good Run Of Bad Luck 45,443